Why Have a Dash-Cam?

The dashboard camera – dash-cam for short – has become a necessity over the past years because of its proven benefits. For those who haven’t installed one yet, this type of camera is mounted on the dashboard of a car and is designed to record every image and sound detail that takes place on the road and inside the car. They can also use GPS for both real-time and recording. Thus, here is a more in-depth look into the advantages of having a dash-cam installed.

You always have first-hand evidence of a car accident

This is probably the biggest reason to have a dash-cam. A dash-cam recording is always considered first-hand evidence in determining the cause of any vehicular accident. Dash-cams always provide real-time, efficient and straight-to-the-point proof in case of accidents. It also comes in handy to prove that you were not at fault if ever traffic police want to cite you a ticket.

Peace of mind for parents

You can see where your teenager took your car for a ride, and if they’re telling the truth. Having a dash-cam installed is perfect if you continuously lend your car to your children who just got their driver’s license. In addition, have it installed in your child’s car. It can help spot troubles before you drop your car or your child’s car at the mechanic’s shop. Modern dash-cams also come with embedded GPS, so you know your child’s routes.

Preventing insurance fraud

Insurance fraud is a common problem for honest car drivers. Some drivers purposely cause vehicular accidents, blames the other party, and thus, extorts money from the victim. Though high-end cars used to be the extortion target, today, it can be anyone since, all vehicles are insured. Dash-cams also help in preventing claims of fake injuries as a result of the scam accident. Investing in a dash-cam will show you in the clear of any insurance scam and may even send the scammer to jail.

Speed and location tracking

If you own delivery vehicles or a taxi company, you may need to find out if your drivers are using several extra miles for their personal interest. Perhaps you want to find out if your drivers are honestly using their indicated fuel consumption. Or you want to keep track of your driver’s speed and if they’re keeping to the speed limit. The dash-cam is certainly your best solution for all these, and more. Dash-cams come with, or are compatible with, GPS devices, and will record driving speed and street routes, while recording all details on the road and inside the vehicle.

Commercial uses

As already indicated, dash-cams will record routes taken, speed, and real-time location, as well as situations on the road and inside the vehicle. This is a significant advantage, especially for driving schools and their instructors. Instructors can then sit with their students and review everything, pointing out things such as safety factors. Owners of construction vehicles can both monitor their vehicles in real-time and review dash-cam recordings to check up on proper use of the vehicles.

The dashboard camera has a plethora of uses aside from the above, but to sum it up, the primary considerations are Safety and Monitoring. Across Toowoomba and Queensland, you can depend on the experience of more than 40 years with Motor Vision. We understand that dash-cams have become a necessary must-have for vehicles and offer a wide quality range to suit every vehicle. We can even hard wire, so no unsightly wiring is visible. We work with cutting-edge products and technology such as from IROAD and GNET Global Network.

So, give us a ring today at Motor Vision or visit our website, https://www.motorvision.com.au/, for your queries.