What is Android Auto and how does it work?

It’s evident that using your smartphone while driving is unsafe. This is why it’s illegal to use a smartphone while driving in all states and territories in Australia. For years the answer was to suction-cup the smartphone on the dashboard. However, while using map navigation apps, it can be interrupted by daily notifications, emails, and group chats.

Finally, the modern solution was to marry the car’s dashboard infotainment system with a smartphone in the name of safety. This resulted in Google coming up with Android Auto, similar to Apple CarPlay.

Android Auto

Android Auto infotainment system unit allows your Android smartphone to interface using the dashboard display. Thus, the touchscreen, buttons, and control knobs remain functional when using any apps from the phone.

Of course, your entire phone’s interface will not appear on the dashboard display to be used. This will prove distracting and unsafe. Instead, Android Auto only allows making and taking calls, playing music, sending and receiving messages, and using Google Maps. Phone calls are handled hands-free via Bluetooth. Google Assistant reads out messages. And you won’t hear notification sounds from other apps until you disconnect your phone.

When playing music, you can either play what is stored in your phone or access music apps such as Spotify. You can also play radio stations on your phone or choose to access the stations in Android Auto directly.

Other things Android Auto can do

You can customise your Google Maps by using Waze integration to get turn-by-turn directions.

A built-in weather card in Android Auto shows the weather in your current location, something useful for work commutes and road trips. It can also integrate with Skype if needed by the user.

Is Android Auto compatible with most car models?

Most motorcar manufacturers now carry built-in Android Auto, either as part of the vehicle package or as a separate option with an additional fee. If you purchased a motorcar model or second-hand vehicle without a built-in Android Auto, aftermarket units from Alpine or Kenwood are available and can be installed by Motor Vision.

Motor Vision

Across Toowoomba and Queensland, Motor Vision has brought quality sound and navigation installations for over 40 years. Working with reliable brands, the experienced techs at Motor Vision can help you find the right Android Auto unit model to suit your lifestyle and vehicle.

Give us a call or visit us at https://www.motorvision.com.au/ and talk with our techs. Our workmanship is backed by a nationwide installation warranty.