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You can access your Tracker by Smartphone APP  or PC or SMS. It is reliable, accurate and very easy to use.

If you want to track your own personal car, a small fleet of trade vans, or even large fleet of trucks or commercial vehicles the 4G VT904 GPS TRACKER will give you the tools you need to know where you vehicles are.

The 4G VT904 GPS Vehicle tracker will also give playback history of where that vehicle was and specific time and date plus driving information such as speed, Ignition status, time parked and other details.

You have the option to connect the VT904 to your vehicle Security System to get SMS TEXT alert if you Alarm gets triggered with SP904 Security Pack

As well as SOS Siren Trigger Alert you also have the option to Immobilise your vehicle starter motor via VT904 with SP904 Security Pack.

The features of the SP904 Security Pack may not be compatable with all vehices and requires installation by Professional Qualified Technician