In-car Tech that will improve your daily commute 

The daily drive to and from work or school can be tedious and even stressful. All that time spent on the road or sitting in traffic passes a lot faster when your mind is kept busy. Radios are good but can eventually feel monotonous, so other options such as music playlists, audiobooks, or navigation systems can lessen the stress. Here are our top in-car tech improvements, making your commute safer, more entertaining and more productive.

Keep your passengers happy

Wondering how to keep your backseat drivers occupied? If you have exhausted games of ‘Eye Spy’ then perhaps it might be worth investing in some rear seat entertainment units. Whether you drive the latest model sedan, or have an older ride, almost any model can be fitted out with rear seat entertainment units. Features can include flip down Full colour HD monitors, head-rest DVD players or roof-mount monitors. Rear seat entertainment units can allow your passengers to listen to music, watch movies on DVD or Blu-ray™, play games and watch videos. They can even be configured with wireless headphones so you can listen to your music in the front in peace.

Improve the listening experience

Take your in-car listening experience to the next level by upgrading your speakers, amplifier, subwoofers or all three. Whether you want to blast your favourite Metallica album or unwind from your day with a meditation playlist – the quality of your sound system can make all the difference.

Car Speakers

If you want to achieve the best possible sound out of your factory sound system and you don’t have an enormous budget, then speakers are a great starting point. A simple factory speaker upgrade can make a world of difference, as aftermarket speakers tend to be engineered better and constructed from higher quality materials. To avoid space and mounting problems it is advised you speak to a car audio expert when it comes to brand and size selection. They will ensure your speakers will not only enhance your sound but will fit seamlessly with your vehicle.

Car Amplifiers

Whilst often associated with high-performance car audio, an amplifier upgrade will make any speakers play louder, reduce distortion and enhance the sound quality. They won’t however, make poor quality speakers sound like high quality speakers. If you’re looking to add a subwoofer to your car audio system, an amplifier is also a must.


Completing your car audio sound with a subwoofer will add quality bass and bring your music to life. When considering a subwoofer, it is important to also factor in available space, your existing amp capacity and what level of power you are looking for. The Motor Vision team are experienced in all aspects of car audio and will work with your lifestyle and vehicle to create the best listening experience for your drive.

Get organised

Your daily commute doesn’t have to be mindless. With an upgrade to your head unit – the entertainment options are endless. Motor Vision has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These receivers are the way to go. All systems come with touchscreens, dashboard access, built-in navigation, Bluetooth, and connectivity to other systems such as speakers, rear-seat entertainment and smartphones. Since smartphones, mapping, and music apps are already automatic in a factory unit, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto can be integrated into it or have a completely new unit installed. You can also access other popular apps like Google Maps and Spotify.

What does this mean? It means you can update your Google calendar, play your favourite Spotify playlist, listen to that podcast you saved, draft emails and even write your shopping list (using voice control of course!). A head unit upgrade can pack a whole lot more productivity into otherwise wasted drive time.

For more than 40 years, clients in the Toowoomba region have been served well by Motor Vision when it comes to finding the right in-car tech for any vehicle. Industry experience, coupled with a passion for state-of-the-art technology and working with high-level brands like Alpine, Kenwood, Audison, and Focal Australia are the signatures of this car sound and navigation installation company. Instead of DIY products and installation, why not save time and money by ensuring that you get the right integration for your vehicle model and make. You also get peace of mind that everything is installed correctly. For your Apple Car Play/Android Auto GPS tracker, or in-car entertainment solutions, give us a call and let’s talk about what you require in your vehicle.