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For the older vehicles still travelling our roads, we can fit replacement source units that bring your vehicle in line with current technologies including Bluetooth, iPod and Smartphone connectivity.

From there we can upgrade your speakers, with careful attention to the mounting and sealing of the doors (effectively the speaker enclosure), and again, retain a factory style and OEM look.

For those looking for the dynamic sound found typically only in Hi-Fi systems, we can add amplifiers and even subwoofers. This can be done discretely and often without sacrificing any boot or cabin space.
Finally, rear seat entertainment will keep children entertained on those long drives. Motorvision can tailor a package that will even operate in mutli-zone, meaning the kids can be watching movies in the back seat with headphones, while you can enjoy your drive listening to your favorite tunes.

In any case, the possibilities are endless, and the solutions are only a phone call away. Speak to usabout your requirements today.


What originally started as 'car audio' has evolved over recent years to include all forms of incar entertainment. Visual products have become increasingly popular which includes indash DVD and monitors, as well as roof mounted and headrest screens.

It is no secret vehicles are built to certain budgets and constraints, and more often than not the audio system is compromised. Motorvision can upgrade your factory or 'OEM' audio system, starting with the source or 'head' unit. We can fit the latest head unit in place of your factory unit, in most cases retaining your factory styling and steering wheel controls.